Need help, in decision making on Chip please.

I have all the parts already, except the CPU. I cant decide which i5 to go with. i5 2500k or i5 3570K, with all the heat issue with Ivy, i am getting perplexed between the two. Money is not an issue, what i like to know is, what will be the best choice. I will be over clocking the chip but nothing too extreme, may be to 4Ghz or 4.2.

If i go with 2500k on the board i am using, will i still be able to use 6gb/s Sata for my ssd and USB 3.0. The only thing i cant use will be PCI e 3.0 speed, is that correct? I know the new IVY has a superior memory control, so will that be significantly beneficial in gaming.

Feel free to give you opinions, and add if i miss any thing Pros and Cons wise.

Mother board: ASUS Maximus V Gene LGA 1155 Intel Z77
Cooler: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO RR-212E-20PK-R2
Graphics Card: XFX hd 7850 (with dual fan and dual dvi.)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 4.2 or less? ivybridge.
  2. Yeah i figure i will start slow for starters. Since IVY has heat issues, so it be better to do little O.C, and let the thermal paste bond well. Then see how far i can push the chip, with the cooler i am using.

    SB dont have heat issue and OC like a champ so thats what is confusing me. Which chip to go with? Also O.C not the only thing i want to take in account, other stuff like which is better/efficient for the system i have posted.
  3. They have now done more testing... Performance wise, the ivybridge @4.5ghz = sandybridge @4.8ghz.

    On air (and I think stock air) the ivybridge will hit 100* at 4.5 (maybe at full load) and throttle down to 3.6 to cool off. I am finally putting my build together tomorrow that's in my comment and will slowly be OC'ing to 4.0 w/ upgraded fan, not worried at all.
  4. Oh i didnt know that, that is very cool. I guess i will go with IVY. Thanks man.

    Also post back if you can about how your system handling O.C if you can. And hows your systems temps on O.C. Thanks again man.
  5. I have now been using Ivybridge... It will automatically go up to 3.8 without overclocking it. I haven't seen it go above 45 degrees celsius. Even while playing WoW on "good" default settings.

    This is with AsRocks default program. I'm sure there are more accurate temp reading programs.
  6. Cool, Thanks for letting me know how the chip working out. Yeah the turbo let you go up to 3.8, depending on the need. Did you try to O.C it to 4.0. And see how the temps worked out?

    I ordered mine from Micro center, so its in mail dam long weekend lol. Cant wait to test the chip out on my Maximus V board. LOL. Will post back my impression on my chip.
  7. I haven't tried OC'ing yet... in my BIOS it seems to do it by percentages, so I will go thru it with my friend once the thermal paste has cured some. At this point, I don't even need to overclock. It would just increase my computer/room temp.
  8. So finally got the chip, Maximus V board rocks. Played few games, i keep looking at my CPU to cross 50% usage, but no luck lol. Just surfing and normal stuff, the chip runs at 1598MHz. Gaming it go way up 3.8 ish and temp hover from 38 to 48. Will O.C and do more through tests.

    Thanks every one, for your comments, and helping me choose the right chip.
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