Do I need a dedicated GPU for Photoshop?

Hi, I'm buying a laptop purely for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, most of the laptops now carry Sandy Bridge so I'm going with a core i5, but in my country, the difference between the i5 laptops with and without dedicated graphic cards is about $300. How much difference does the graphic card do compared to HD 3000 graphics in photoshop and illustrator?
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  1. For most situations you won't have much to gain from there being a discrete gpu unless you have the plugins for mercury playback engine exct for using Cuda on a Nvidia based gpu. If you are not using it for media encoding but just image editing and modeling don't bother and save the $300. Personally try to hunt for a laptop that has a quad core as it will be much faster for your needs than the i5.
  2. dedicated in laptop means card have is own memory check on adobe for the requirements for the one you want to use
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