Motherboard making beeping noises when CPU fan drops under 1000 RPM

So hey everyone , just having a problem here , running a Foxxcon H61MXV mobo with a CM V8 cooler which i replaced the stock fan with a Xigmatek , going all nice and smoothly , got it on smart-fan setting , scaling the RPM with the heat of the CPU , but when the RPM drops under 1000 the mobo makes a beeping noise like a bloody fire alarm!
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  1. There should be a setting in the BIOS where you can turn that off.

    The PC is worried about your CPU melting, but if you are quite sure it won't then you can change it.

    I don't remember off the top of my head the name of it on that specific board, but there should be something about idle RPMs in there.
  2. i mean yeah , im getting like 37 on iddle , 47-50 TOPS under load , as far as im concerned these are good temps , right?^^
  3. 50c at load is fine for any processor out there.

    At max usage mine goes north of 60c.
  4. I dont seem to be able to find said setting on the bions :S
  5. It's on the Health tab: CPU Smart Fan Control or CPU Warning Temperature. Manual doesn't list the option there, but if it's unclear come back and ask.
  6. Yeah mate , the thing is , i have found both the cpu temp option and the smart fan , what i need is , to set the mobo so it wont alert me with a god awfull beeping noise when the RPM drops under 1000
  7. Did you change those options to something else and see if it will make the beeping stop?
  8. yes i did , nothing will make the beeping stop im afraid :c
  9. You could take out the internal speaker, if you are sure there are no potential catastrophic operational problems.
  10. any idea where the internal speaker is? mounted on mobo?
  11. It is probably either mounted on the front of the case with wires that lead back to the motherboard. It would connect to the bottom of it, probably towards the middle.

    Or sometimes there is the same place on the motherboard just has a tiny little speaker hanging off of it that doesn't connect to the case anywhere.

    It should be in the manual that comes with the motherboard where this would be connected and how to disable it. You can download the manual online most likely if you don't still have it.
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