Urgent anti virus help required


Just downloaded an .exe file which has installed something called "i hate you" which instantly shuts down my pc as soon as i boot.

I managed to get in to my system'but pressing ctrl alt del as soon as windows desktop appeared and ending every task i could see including the "i hate you" one.

I have deleted the original 'exe and deleted the folder it created.

Also i have deleted the i hate you icons that appeared on the start taskbar.

One doing run msconfig and looking at my start up programmes i hate you is listed there.

I unchecked this'but still my system shut down after the boot.

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  1. Hi

    Managed to stop the shutdowns by practically unchecking all the boxes in the startup in msconfig.

    So thats the quick fix'but can anyone help in the long term?

  2. Check with mcafee or symantec.

    Also check this registry key:


  3. You might want to try to AVG. It is great for cleaning and detecting viruses. The web site is www.grisoft.com. It has been go to me.
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