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I want to shrink my new Gateway 500 g laptop partition so I can put other os's on it. Win8 will only allow me to shrink it half size to about 250g. Already did a defrag. The desktop I built has 100g partitions for Win8 with no problem but I created them as I built it. That 100g partition on my desktop I can shrink down to 30g.

Is there someway I can shrink the partition smaller than half the size on my pre-built Gateway Laptop?

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  1. I saw similar questions around the net. Got it figured out kinda. I did a complete reset of the recovery disk/usb drive. When I went back in to computer management, it let me shrink it down to 30g. At that point I was able to create 100 g partitions that I wanted. Windows doesn't give a mapping of the drive so I couldn't see if something was in the middle of it affecting the shrink.
  2. You can download free software that will re-size a partition as easily as moving a slider on a graphical representation of your drive.
    Such as;4

    Mactronix :)
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