Whats wrong with my computer?

my computer is currently on the fritz, last night when i usually settle down after work and start my gaming session for diablo 3, the computer booted up fine and was able to log on to diablo 3 without any issue. once i joined a game and was in the game for about 1 minute, the graphics kinda got distorted on the screen and played the last sound it made before crashing over and over, like a real fast playing broken record. it did this the first 4 times i tried to load up a game in diablo 3, after the 5th try it worked fine. This morning i logged on to diablo 3 and the computer got a BSOD, so i rebooted and tried again, but got the BSOD again. worked the 3rd time. It just seems that the computer might be on its last leg. I thought i would last longer then this, saying that i only had the system for 1 year and 3 months. I know the discription of the issue i am having is very vague, but i was wondering if anyone could tell me what is wrong with my computer. I remember looking through the forums and seeing a post about Creative labs sound cards causing BSOD, but im not sure if this is my issue. I was wondering if BSOD means there is a hardware issue right? not software?
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  1. you cheesed out on the power supply didnt you
  2. no, not at all, i have a seasonic x750 80 plus(gold).

    my mobo is: asus M4A79XTD-EVO
    my cpu is: AMD Athlon X3 450 rana
    my gpu is: Asus radeon HD6870
    my ram is: 2x2gb g. skill 1600
    my case is: coolmaster HAF-922
    My cpu fan is: coolmaster 212 Plus.
  3. start by running memtest when you go off to sleep. i see if one of the sticks went bad. if it not the memory stick then it might be the gpu or the ram on the video card. I would pop the case and see that there no dust clogging any of the fans and the fans are moving. i get a copy of fanspeed or hardware monitor and watch the gpu temps. check that the fan still spinning up to speed as the video card heats up. if memtest passes i run a gpu burn in test to see if stressing out the video card cause the issue to pop back up.
  4. I already opened my case and cleaning out the dust, although i didnt take my gpu outand clean it throughly. But i do remember checking my ram timing in my bios yesterday when went i reset my bios back to default. I do remember that the timing wasnt identical on both my sticks of ram.
  5. going to memtest tonight, boy hope the ram is the issue, that would save me from buying a new mobo and cpu.
  6. i just pick up the i5 3570k and an asrock z77 extreme 4 mobo and 8gb of kingston hyper x blu.
  7. love the asrock boards. nice choice ^^
  8. I had to exchange my board. It died after a bios update. I exchanged for asus p8z77-v pro mobo. I dont think I will be getting asrock anymore
  9. mine works like a champ, cant see many other boards carrying a sandybridge to 5.1ghz stable
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