I5 2500k stock cooler too hot?

Hello i just bought an i5 2500k its usually around 40-50c at idle and max at 70c without overclocking... and before this i had an i5 2300 i used to overclock it for 100mhz and the tem didnt go more than 68c (I've used stock cooler for both) so is it ok? whats wrong ? by the way dont advice me to buy a better cooler cuz im not planing too and i have heard people overclocking i5 2500k cpus to 4ghz and whenever i do that the idle temp sticks around 50c and the max temp at max load goes to 74-76c please help me thanks.
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  1. And by the way my room temp is around 22-26c all the time
  2. Are you experiencing stability problems at 76c?

    Are you sure you applied the paste and mounted everything correctly?
  3. The thermal paste was pasted with a rigid shape on the stock cooler's heatsink when i installed it i didnt apply any... i also reinstalled my stock cooler (didnt remove the thermal paste) and no change
  4. i get max temp at 76c while overclocking to 4ghz but at auto turbo boost i get 70c at max
  5. Does your computer crash while you are at 76c?

    If you just did nothing would you have some kind of problem?
  6. no it wont crash :| but it might damage... safe temps are below 72c 2nd sentence i dont undrestand
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    enragingmind said:
    no it wont crash :| but it might damage... safe temps are below 72c 2nd sentence i dont undrestand

    76C isn't dangerous, first of all. That would be 90-95C+.

    Second, you said that you reinstalled the cooler without cleaning off the thermal paste and re-applying new stuff. That's a big no-no. Anytime you remove the cooler, for any reason, you always need to clean and reapply. Not doing so can cause major temp issues.

    Your temps are fine, honestly (a bit on the high side, but not worrisome), especially with the stock cooler, but you should absolutely clean off the thermal paste and reapply new stuff. That will definitely help.
  8. I have a thermal paste right here here are the information written on it is it good to use?
    thermal conductivity1.66w/mk
    thermal ressistance<0.08c-in
    stars-350 N.W 1.0g
    Heatsink Compounds
    balance stars
    i just wrote anything thas was written on the thermal paste :D
  9. i bought it for around 1.5$ dollars
  10. To be honest with you, I'm not sure if that's any good or not (the thermal conductivity isn't very good at all, though), but the only Stars thermal compound that I've heard of I know for a fact isn't very good (it was a powder that you had to mix yourself, actually).

    I would suggest getting a tube of Arctic Silver 5.
  11. is it really necessary to replace?
  12. enragingmind said:
    is it really necessary to replace?

    With your temps where they are, no, not really "necessary", but I'm pretty sure it would help.
  13. thank you
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  15. You're welcome. :)
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