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Hey everyone! I'm saving some money for a new gaming build and I have decided to actually recycle some componets and put it into my new build so I can prepare for a good GPU. This is what I have in mind and I will be buying from Amazon & Fry's (due to the gift cards and cash since I don't have a CC or bank account). I work on commession for my parents, and they pay me to mow their lawns. So, I've got $240 already saved up and I'll be checking out Frys tomorrow as well to see if the prices matches their website. But I'm not planning on building it until June-July (at best). Here is what I have mind and any opinions will be welcomed and apperciate it as well, for it will help me decide what I'm going to do. Now this is just the final draft (by doing it myself without any help). And the prices I'm listing will most likely be Fry's price. =)

Inetl i5 3570K - $229.99

Corsair Vengence 1600MHz DDR3 8GB - $59.99 (Thinking of just getting the single 4GB to save two or three dollars)

Barracuda Or WD 1GB HDD - $119.99 (My Computer Tech can actually get me a Barracuda 1GB HDD for that price)

Antec One Hundred Window ATX Case - $44.99 (But I think it was just a sale price in the ad two weeks ago so I might have to push an extra $55 and get a case in the $100 range)

24x DVD/CD Combo - $20-$40 (Gotta see what the store carries)

And that's all I have to buy. For the recycled parts, it will be this.

Asus HD 6670 1GB DDR5 (Upgraded from a XFX HD 4650 so I could play Battlefield 3 at least)

Corsair GS 700 PSU

ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 Motherboard (A friend of mine works for Intel and gave this to me for helping his family out to buy a house)

Now I'm not planning on upgrading the GPU to a better one until Fall/Winter (I might ask one for Christmas) so here is some options I'm thinking of going with.




GTX 600 Series Card (Depending where I am by them and what 600 Series card has been released as well)

I already have a mouse, monitor, speakers, and I'm gaming at 1080p on a Samsung 23" monitor.

Games I will be playing will be StarCraft Games, The Witcher Games, Battlefield 3, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Assassin's Creed Games, Mass Effect Games, F.E.A.R. Games, Diablo II & III, The Sims 3 Games, and I will also be doing video encoding. What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! =)
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  1. Get the GTX 670.
  2. That's $400, $40 dollars less than a GTX 560 SLI setup, right?
  3. Yes, and faster.
  4. Well if I get $400 then I would go with the GTX 670 and then SLI it next year. Or should I stick with just one until Maxwell comes out in (and this is just rumored) 2014?
  5. If you live near a Fry's, would you also happen to be close to a microcenter? If it's feasible to drive out to one, they have some great deals, but the better ones tend to be in-store only.

    For instance, the 3570k is $190 there
  6. I wish I was near a MicroCenter but the closest one is like three hours away from where I live in California and there is no one Hell I'll be able to get a ride there too. When I get a new place with my fiance, I'm telling her we're going to live near a Fry's and a MicroCenter for my needs. Lol
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    My sympathies :cry:

    If you'd like to save some cash, you could pick up a 7850 ($250) instead of the 670 and overclock it. They're pretty beastly overclockers, 45% on stock cooling.

    That puts their performance on par with a stock 7950 (gtx 580), which is only a little slower than a stock 670.

    The extra $150 could get you a nice 120gb toggle NAND ssd, or about a month and a half of diapers if/when you and your fiance start having kids :)

    The 670's don't seem to fare as well for overclocking, percentage-wise.
  8. Ha ha, thanks, Quilciri. I'll see how prices goes after my fiance's birthday and see if anything dropped to justify the price. If not, than a HD 7850 it is. =) But yes, I heard MC is the best place for computer parts, a dreamland for any builder. =3
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