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I am looking to build a PC, and my friend had a good idea to save money and the games would look awesome. He said I could use my Westinghouse 32" 1080p LCD as a monitor, TV and Xbox uses. It's true, the TV has 2 HDMI Ports, one for Comp, one for Xbox. And the coaxial cable for the Cable Service is pretty long. How would this work? How far do i need to sit from the monitor? Would the whole screen be filled(hopefully" with the computer stuff? If i dont like it, I can always replace it with a 24" monitor later. Can someone tell me how this would look at work? I plan on gaming, minor video rendering and watching stuff on Netflix and Youtube. Thanks guys
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  1. I got mine hooked up to my 42" inch sony bravia hdtv. All you do is run a HDMI from your video card straight to your TV. Should recognize it as a TV and scale it accordingly. If it doesnt you just have to go into display on windows and select 1080. Should fit exactly to your screen. Works really good and you just sit as far away as you want. Nice if you want to use a controller for some games because its just like your using a console. The only thing that sucks is browsing online, you will have to zoom in sometimes but its not that big of a deal. Would rather press ctrl+- every once in a while and play on a bigger screen. Than sit in front of a desk.
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