Corsair 600T Special Edition Side Fan Question

Hey Everyone,

I would like to install a large fan onto the side mesh of the Corsair 600T. It is built for 4 120mm fans, is about The length between the holes across is 230mm and the length diagonally is 320mm.

There is only 1mm of space from the hole to the end of the mesh as well if that helps.

Thanks to Everyone in advance!
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  1. What's your reasoning behind installing the side fan?
  2. Push some more air into my system. The stock fans do not seem to be working well enough in terms of moving air. The air from the front fan does not seem to be hitting my video card, or if it is, not enough air is getting to it. The amount of fan connectors I have are also somewhat limited. This is why I wanted a larger fan.
  3. What temps are you getting?
  4. Does anyone have knowledge of the screw holes on certain fan sizes? I want to know if I can fit a larger fan on the mesh with the specs I listed above.

  5. Drill new holes.
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