Diamond ATI 4850 x2 Problem after uninstall... dead cards?

I have two old Diamond ATI 4850s (512mb 625MHz/993MHz) that I was running in a backup system that I am having problems with. I am a fairly experienced computer builder (over the last two decades or so I've built/serviced over a dozen computers for friends and myself)... Since this is my backup system I haven't really bothered messing with it much, but i'd like to get it running if possible at some point.... Unfortunately I'm thinking both cards might be dead, but I feel its kind of an odd coincident that both would die at the same time with different symptoms.


I pulled the video cards out as per normal while doing some system upgrades (CPU cooler upgrade). Re installed and immediately ran into problems.

With both cards in (card A and B) the computer will not post.
Card A in solo, same, will not post.
Card B in solo, posts but has bad fragmenting/horizontal black bars and eventually will blue screen or lock up.

Both cards have Accelero Coolers with 120mm fans mounted on them... so i dont think heat *should of been* a problem.

I've tried these cards in 3 working systems and had the exact same results:

AMD Phenom2 x4 9600 2.3ghz black
DFI 790fx-M2R
8gb DDR2 Corsair XMS2
Thermaltake 550 pure (true?) power
(also swapped this system over to a mini ATX board that is unused *MSI K9N6PGM2-V* same problems)

AMD x4 965 3.4ghz black
MSI 790FX-GD70
8gb PDP Patriot DDR3 1600
Anter CP-1000

A friends Intel system (asked for system specs, i'll post back when he responds if it is still needed).

Each system works normal with a plethora of video cards I have laying about (AMD 6950, ATI 5770, Nvidia 7800GTX). Every system has Windows 7 (but in retrospect i may of been using WinXP the last time one of these ATI 4870 cards worked).

So far I've updated drivers, done fresh Operating Systems, tested in working systems, Removed coolers + new thermal paste.

I read about doing a "clean driver install" ? and under clocking the memory, is this a potential fix?

Any information that would help let me know... and What should I try next?... a trashcan?
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  1. Same results in multiple systems points to bad cards!
  2. I would go with the PSU being broken, as its very unlikely that 2 cards brake at the same..
    Or then again you might have broken them with ESD
  3. Tested on 3 different PSUs all of which run other computers & more powerful graphics cards perfectly fine (5770, 6950).

    I'm pretty cautious with ESD, but i suppose it could be a possibility... however never had a problem with it since i started messing with computers back in the early 90s.

    I'll take a pic of the screen (on card B) with the horizontal bars/problems and post back.
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