ASUS - Z9PE-D8 WS Future Proof?

I am planning on building a system for 3D rendering, and possible audio work also. Budget is 2-3k, with a view to adding to it in the future. Can the ASUS - Z9PE-D8 WS be run wth only one CPU? Until I can afford a second 2650. I'm intentionally not adding more details to the components, leaving any suggestions open for comment. Never OC'd before but may give it a try.

GeForce 680 Hydro x1 for now
Xeon e5-2650 x1 for now
Kingston 32GB (4 x 8gb)

I have 450W power supply and an antec p180 case, I'll check the power requirements for the GFX card, again PSU suggestions appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Your Ultimate best matched PSU is this PSU from SeaSonic, it comes with 7 Years warranty...
    Dont get Hydro unless your going onto a system water cooling... If I were you, I'd wait for IvyBridge-EP(server) and get a 6 core now and upgrade later into 10 Cores... like the $210 LGA 2011 Quad Cores...

    EDIT: This is what you are waiting for which is worth it to wait...

    Also, spend the 1k money on $210 Quad Core Xeon E5 and on another GTx 680...
  2. I checked on the cpu support list for the Z9PE-D8, it starts with the 6 core 2620 at about $400.

    Is there a comparable board that will accept a LGA 2011 Quad, and will be compatible once the awesome 10 cores become available in a year or so.

    Thanks for the PSU info.

    I am planning on delving into water cooling, I work in a very hot environment 80-90f, and fan noise is a problem, or should a novice system builder be better served with some Noctua fans, and decent heat sinks?
  3. The Xeon E5-2603 is in the Xeon E5-2600 Series so it should support by 100% since motherboard said it's compatible with E5-2600 Series CPU... Just to let you know, I dont know if the Xeon CPU socket is like the gaming CPUs like you could add ivy to SB motherboard but im not sure if Ivy-EP does the same... What I would get is Nvidia Tesla which is based CUDA and if you get like 3 of them, it's like a 2-5 Million super computer but need at least about $6000... Nvidia new 28nm Tesla is pretty awesome but heard nothing and it's going to be released after the 28nm Quadro... This video should explain the whole thing but wait for the new one though because this one is old... Tesla is awesome but not meant for gaming but more for work stuff, it works for 3D software too...

    EDIT: Tesla is meant for Workstation because of multiple CPU to keep up performance with the card, i7 3770k does well but it's slow if it cant keep up with the 3 Tesla which only Xeon can because of 20 Cores/40 threads...

    BTW, water cooling is a great way to go for dual socket or high performance computer, if want to save money, heat sink is the best way to go and sometimes does better for CPU...
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