Three monitor display amd 6970

i have a question i have one Dimond 6970, it has 2 dvi, 1 hdmi, and 2 mini display ports. The problem i have is this, i have to monitors atm waitng for the thrid in the mail. I wanted to try the hdmi port out to see if it's the same quality (heard mixed revies) when i have one in a dvi and one in an hdmi the monitor using the hdmi port has a lower res and a larg black border around the screen. this didnt happen when i used both dvi ports. is there a problem in using both dvi and the hdmi for three monitors? or do i have to use both dvi and a mini?
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  1. You'll have to use a DP when using Eyefinity.

    Not sure about the HDMI issue. It should be quality wise exactly like DVI. Perhaps it just needed to be adjust in the drivers/windows.
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