Nvidia gtx 560 ti throttles the cpu

I recently installed a new nvidia gtx 560 ti card, downloaded the latest drivers from the nvidia site and rebooted the PC. Performance is terrible, the CPU usage is 80%+ when running anything, and fps in games is very low. Any ideas?
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit SP1
Intel Core Duo2 E6850 CPU @3 GHz
4 gig Ram
directx 11
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Thanx : )
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  1. Size, make and model of PSU please?
  2. Hello,

    What did you have for a previous video card? Also what resolution are you trying to play at?

    One thing you can try is download driver sweeper from majorgeeks. Once installed reboot into safe mode - delete all your NVIDIA/AMD(if any) drivers and reboot once more. Re-install the latest drivers from www.nvidia.com Do not use the drivers that came with the card itself. Also what motherboard do you have? In fact list all of your parts model names and numbers, the whole enchilada.
  3. actually your CPU is throttling your gpu, i used to have a e8400 cpu and it was throttling my 560 ti also. the solution was buying a new CPU:

    will solve your problem certainly...
  4. I managed to stumble upon the solution - turns out my video card was in the wrong slot, not in the one closest to the CPU (sheepish grin). Putting it into the correct slot unchoked my CPU. I will likely have to upgrade my CPU eventually, but I can manage for now.
    Thanks for the help.
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