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I'm doing a general purpose build for a person and I have a question. This person is not doing any gaming or anything demanding. He owns an ice cream chain and will be using this computer only for work, mostly going on the internet, doing payroll and fooling around on the internet. The only thing he asked was if I could build it around AMD. There is no way I'm going to go Bulldozer and I'm not a fan of APU's so I was debating on a Athlon II 640 Propus or a Phenom II.
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  1. well for general use a athlon will be fine, but id say to make it last longer maybe spend the extra $20-30 on a phenom ii x4 965
  2. I was thinking that but it seems overkill for such general use. The only difference between the two that I can see is that Athlon II doesn't have L3 cache so I guess the question is how important is L3 cache.
  3. The Athlon II 640 is just fine for general purpose and even some gaming. The Phenom II is probably not worth the extra $20-$30 in this case, especially if the savings go to a bigger SSD or more RAM.
  4. I think I might go with the with the Phenom II 945. While it's probably overkill it's not that much more. For a little more he's getting a little better peformance over the Athlon II.
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