New build, PSU fan doesnt spin... no CPU tho

Hello! I hope the title was explicit.

Well I ordered computer parts on the internet. I received everything except the CPU. They shipped it yesterday, like, 1 week after I placed my order... So meanwhile I built my computer. Motherboard in the case, RAM, hard drive, dvd burner, video card and finally, power supply. But I have a nice empty socket.

I connected everything to the PSU, I don't think I made mistake... When I plug it, a kind of power button's and reset button's led on the mother board lit. So I pressed the power button on my case, nothing happened, the fan of the PSU didnt spin. I pressed the button on the motherboard, but still nothing. So is it because I don't have a CPU? Should the PSU's fan start anyway? I don't know what the hell I did wrong. I just wanted to know if my PSU is working, but it seems like its not?

It's a PC Power Cooling, a brand from OCZ, it's a 750W

EDIT:I forgot to mention, I have:
case: Chaser MK-I
motherboard: Asus P8Z8-V PRO/GEN3
RAM: 2X4GB Ripjaws
Video Card: MSI N660 TI Power Edition GTX 660 ti
hdd: 1TB sata
dvd burner: whatever
CPU: waiting for a I7 2600
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  1. It won't start without a CPU installed, so you're fine.
  2. Great!! That's really good to hear. I was getting kind of paranoid you know...

    Thank you for taking the time to answer
  3. You're welcome, that's what we're here for. :)
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