Looking at PSUs need second opinion.

My thermaltake lite power 700 recently died and i have since found out it is one of the worst PSUs out and am looking for a replacement that wont go down the same path. i don't want to spend over $200 nz, and am not going to take newegg suggestions or things like that because i live in Newzealand. I was thinking about either a Coolermaster extreme2 725 or an antec one, and just want to know if the coolermaster one is any good because i have my suspicions. i am also looking for something around the 650-800w mark to give me a bit of headroom for later upgrades.
my specs:
i5 2500k @3.3
GTX 560 ti 2gb
kingston hyperx 8gb
coolermaster v8
seagate 1tb
samsung optcial drive

i would appreciate some quick responses because my pc has been dead for over a week and i'm getting board.

another question to add is i was running some tests on my system with a 500w coolermaster, with only my mobo, cpu and cooler, and a gtx 460 and realised ther was only 1 pci 6 pin. so i pulled out my molex to pci cable and attached that to make the second pci 6 pin. i switched on the pc and the red wire running from the PSU to the molexs started melting and there was heaps of smoke. it scared the *** out of me and want to know why this happened?
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  1. that seems a bit pricy for a 620, and its only 80 plus bronze. i could get a 750 or somthing cheaper than that. Could you explain why it would be a worhtwhile investment before i make an opinion because it does seem a bit much for what you get.
  2. what i would have recommended for price

    the 750w version of a slightly different line is a bit more expensive.
  3. That looks quite good, how good are Aurum PSUs i was looking at them before but was suspicious because the prices were so good, especially for an 80 plus gold.
  4. Jake97 said:
    That looks quite good, how good are Aurum PSUs i was looking at them before but was suspicious because the prices were so good, especially for an 80 plus gold.

    would you like to see their psu review history
  5. also would it be worth sacrificing a little power and get the 650w variant which is modular because there seems to be quite a few cables on it and my case isn't very cable management friendly
  6. its not my choice, go for it. I would think it can possibly power 2 stock 560ti's as well at a possibility, assuming it has the cables for it.
  7. Yea i might go for the modular, also its only half modular it would clear out the bunch of cables that i never use and make everything a bit tidier. And would also power my system fine right? and give a little headroom for upgrades.
  8. the difference between semimodular and fully modular are almost insignificant. the builds most people use WILL HAVE TO use the 24 pin atx and the 4/8 pin cpu power cable. The only reason why fully modular units exist is that fully modular units are psus with actual optional cable sleeving that you can purchase elsewhere in case you dont want to buy colored extenders or sleeve them yourself.
  9. Yea i thought fully modular would be pointless, because who builds a system with just an optical drive and doesn't need a mobo? thanks for your help i might just buy this psu now. It looks very reliable and has a five year warranty, i don't think i could find a better deal.
    one other thing, do you know where pc force are situated in NZ because the only thing that will alter the price a bit is high shipping costs and i don't want it to take like a week to arrive.
  10. I really wouldnt know, my knowlege on stores and their services outside the U.S(and Canada) is quite limited.
  11. Well thanks for the great suggestion, and i found the location down the bottom of the site i wasn't looking hard enough lol.
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