How risky buying used i5 2500K

Well I decided to upgrade my SB i3 to 4 cores because I think now it s the right time because there are people selling their i5 chips in affordable prices.

I found 2 good offers.. one of them i5 2400 and other i5 2500K

Price difference between them is only 25 $

So i5 2500K seems a no brainer but there comes the question that it is an unlocked chip which is used for 1 year. I don't know how intensive and often it was overclocked by the user. I know that overclocking decreases the life span of the chip and it might even decrease the performance of it and damage it. Should I take the risk buying i5 2500K or should I go for only couple of months used clean i5 2400.

User of the i5 2500K remarked that he did not overclock the chip. I also checked his previous messages and it looks like he was searching for a CPU cooler couple of months ago ;) He says he could even accept my i3 in exchange for i5 and some money plus from me.

Given these information how would you act ?
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  1. where is this from ebay? craigslist? Do you personally know this person? I purchased most of my cpus used but there is always that worry of a defective product.

    If its ebay you have a certain layer of protect be sure to ask him if there is any defects with cpu. and THEN ask if there are any defects from overclocking.
  2. No I buy it from a local forum in my country. I ll even see the guy and the cpu when buying but wont be able to test it
  3. if you can see it tested go for it. its actually quite common for people to purchase i5's/i7's from others, even on this forum, you can probably find people who have.
  4. By the way I don't want to push i5 2500K more than 4.0 ghz still should I buy it or go for safer i5 2400
  5. 4.0 ghz is easy to obtain, personally, I would go 2500k assuming if you have the correct mobo to do so. if not, I'm a person who prefers to recommend ivy bridge processors for the non k series cpus. but since your getting it from someone, I wouldnt know the price.
  6. ivy s get hot there is also an ivy bridge same price as 2500K people complain about their temps and i cant afford aftermarket cooler my mobo can oc z68
  7. i think ivy bridges are fail complaints about their temps alll around and our summers are pretty hot i dont want my cpu throttle
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