Gigabyte Gt430 2gb 126bit VS Gt520 1gb 64bit

Hi guys I just wanna know which graphics card has better speed performance in terms of FPS for online/offline gaming. Coz the GT430 has lower GPU but higher mem bandwidth than the GT520 which has high GPU but low mem. THanks bunch for replies...
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  1. :non: Neither... i would suggest u to buy HD 6670 which beats the hell out of them
  2. thanks for the reply but i just want to compare the two graphics cards in terms of speed. Plus Budget wise factor also which one is good :D
  3. avoid 64-bit cards unless used only for 2d stuff.

    for gameing of any sort 128-bit is minimum memory bandwidth. The higher this is the better. regardless of core/memory clock speeds.

    I've found several 256-bit 1 gig gddr3's under $80. even 512mb cards with the 256 would be worth it, if it's more affordable.

    If you can safely overclock...and have exerience doing could save a bit more, and match the speeds of the more expensive cards that offer less features.

    Save money for a card that supports opengl 4.0 and shaders 3.0+...more and more new games only support this...i see no signs that mainstream producers are gonna support previous versions...or take the time to optimize anything for everything...

    also make sure your looking at memory bandwidth and not slot/port bandwidth...I think pci-e is still only 32-bit pathways. You could end up getting a card for the wrong slot =D
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