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My computer just feels overall slow like for example, When I goto control panel all of the little icon pictures take literally like a minute to load. My comp is kinda bad but its not bad to this extent.. I have 3.2 gig of 800mhz ram, quad core 2.8 am630 amd and gtx 460 graphics card 768mb version... I think if I reformatted it would probably fix it but I don't feel like reinstalling everything.. Earlier everything was freezing on me, I went to play a game and it was just completely freezing up, I hardbooted my computer and it said something along the lines of checking disk for consistency.. now i have a messed up external hd that sometimes has errors but its not plugged in so would that possibly be what it was checking?

Also another question, i have a thermal take 430 watt power supply, is this effecting the performance of my quad core and my gtx 460? If I upgraded to say a 650 watt would it actually make a difference in performance?
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  1. remove the GPU and try again,if its the PSU then your pc perform well withoutGPU.

    i think your harddisk drawing back performance
  2. malware/cookies/virus'/...... scan.......

    the HD.......... right click drive C:, tools-check disc.......repair and find or fix options
  3. Make discclean and defrag.
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