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Hello, I have a WNDR3700-2 ~ I have a 50mbps conection and get that speed when plugged in to ethernet but WiFi speed is only 16mbps. I don't get it ~ If WiFi transfer rate is 800mbps then why do I only get 16mbps when hooked up with WiFi to the WNDR3700 Router when I get the full bandwidth available (50mbps) when plugged into ethernet into the very same router? What is it I do not understand here?
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  1. How many other wireless devices are connected at the same time?
  2. This is normal response to interference and reflections. How much speed juggling it does is dependent on the algorithm used. The way it works is that the client tries to associate at the highest speed possible.
  3. WiFi transfer rate 800 Mbps? Hardly.

    But if you believe your connection is slower than it should be, you can check if there's interference, from the environment or other wireless networks in the area. For the first, it might be appropriate to reposition your router, or your laptop, or some other devices. For the latter, well, you can make sure you're using different channels than they are, which is easier with 5 Ghz modes, and you should also check and see if you're connecting with Wireless N. You may also want to consider whether the wireless device on the system you're using is bottlenecking, for whatever reason. Not all problems are at the router.
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