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Why is there no search feature here? This has to be the first forum I have seen that does not let you search from a specific forum section.

When I receive private messages there is nothing that tells me I have. Normally on forum sites there is some kind of indicator by my name at the top that says you have a new message. Right now I had 3 messages that I had no idea existed unless I go to the private message area, which there is no direct route to from the home page.

These two things sound me. Am I missing something or is that just how it is?
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  1. Quote:
    If you have stayed here as long as some of us have, you will soon realise that it is the community that draws you back, and the willingness to learn and help others.

    The forum is buggy, but not to the extent that i would abandon it.

    There are search functions in any thread..
    The PM feature works perfect here... both on UK and USA sites..
    Which forum country are you on?

    The PM works...but there is no indication you get a PM.
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Where is this link? I see the global search, but if i just want to search 'overclocking' for '2500k' its not exactly easy. Normally when you go to a forum > trading (lets say) there is a search bar at the top and you can do a quick search that is limited to this 'trading' section. Here from what I can see, other than this direct link, its all a global search that goes beyond even just the forums.
  3. That's correct, it does search the whole site. The search at the top is just short of utterly useless, which is better than it used to be. I don't know why the actual forum search (ie. that linked page) isn't exposed somewhere.
  4. I mean, I see the same questions being answered a half a dozen times a day in some cases. Wouldn't this cut down on the amount of repeat posts, and allow us to refocus on questions that havent been answered yet or at least recently? I know I have asked a question or two that I am sure has been asked here, but at least from my perspective, it is almost impossible to find.
  5. It probably would, but unfortunately we have no capacity to change what functionality is available to users. That is done by the mysterious developers who most likely have higher priorities than adding links to search pages.
  6. For all new threads, would be cool if the search engine used whatever was in the topic field. Then list a few hits and only then allow users to start new threads.
  7. You can get good results from searching from Google though. All the forum posts are well tracked. I can't tell you the number of times I have searched for a solution for someone and seen the very thread I was working on in the results.
    As far as the pm notifications go, you need to allow the right hand column. that is where your notifications occur.
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