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Best gtx 680

Hey guys, I know its a bit early but I need to know what's the gtx 680 for quad sli on rampage iv extreme. Price is not an issuse and ill be fitting it in a haf x, lastly what's the best powersupply for the set up?
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  1. They are all reference models, so they are all exactly the same. Pick the ones with the best warranty, customer service, and extras in the box.
  2. Alright and wat bout the power supply?
  3. Guru3d recommends a quality 550 watt power supply.
  4. 17seconds said:
    Guru3d recommends a quality 550 watt power supply.

    Did you read the original post? He says quad SLI and 550 watt is not enough for that ;) But i would say around 1500 watts. Not sure what model/brand is best as i never had the need for a 1500 watt power supply. :)
  5. 550 watt is for just one GTX 680, I think 1500 should be enough..
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    Since the GTX 680 is such a power efficient card you will be fine with a 1200 watt power supply. You can calculate the power requirements using the Guru3d recommendations: 550 watt for 1, 750 watts for 2, then +200 watts for each additional card = 1150 watts for Quad SLI.
  7. alright thanks guys, credits go to you when i build this monster.
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