"Graphic Driver Has Stopped Responding And Recovered"

So I built this computer and everything is fine except one thing. Once in a while my screen will freeze...flash a black and white checkered screen... and once I see things again it tells me "Graphic Display Driver Has Stopped Responding And Has Recovered"

I had a Tech friend of mine come over and he said it could also be an audio issue. He turned down the bits of the audio from like 48 to 44 or something like that. That seemed to help a lil bit. It stopped flashing the checkered screen as much but still froze and all that.

Its starting to worry me because it would only ever happen when I was playing SWTOR and had Youtube (for music) going on in the background. Although even then it was only when I was in a conversation with an NPC. But now Its happening mid play..without Youtube and is happening more often so Im very worried.

Can anyone help? Has anyone had this happen? My PC isnt even a half year old and I dont want to break it!

Any help is appreciated !!
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  1. what gpu is it?
    what psu do you have?
    have you the latest drivers?
    can you test another gpu?
  2. Radeon 6790
    Green Watt 650w

    And I will read that link and post back
  3. Home built

    Case: 922 HAF (Three 200mm Fans)
    OS: Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
    PSU: Greenwatts 650w
    Motherboard: 960GM E51
    CPU: AMD 960t
    GPU: 6790 1GB
    RAM: 4GB 1333 Patriot G2
    DVDD: Not sure. I dont remember. Itss from my old PC.

    Forgetting anything?
  4. About the link, I used it.

    Kinda, I tried to do the steps but what it was asking me to do wasnt an option on the screen.

    I hate to be difficult but I will have my Tech friend come over and see if he can do it.
  5. Coputernewbie said:
    About the link, I used it.

    Kinda, I tried to do the steps but what it was asking me to do wasnt an option on the screen.

    I hate to be difficult but I will have my Tech friend come over and see if he can do it.

    Do you have the gpu overclocked? I have had that happen when my card was clocked just a little to high. I backed the oc down just a little and it stopped.

    Not sure that is your issue, but some oc software allows you to adjust core clock but if you go to high and dont equalize voltage clock you can have those kind of issues as well.
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    try uninstalling the driver and try a older one
  7. if it still happens after that the it could be the psu.
  8. Its not OCed and as for the drivers, its been happening since i built it. Though I cant ruke out the PSU. Even though its a 650w.
  9. Coputernewbie said:
    Its not OCed and as for the drivers, its been happening since i built it. Though I cant ruke out the PSU. Even though its a 650w.

    What is brand and model of psu ? If it is a fairly new build you may be able to rma... If you can narrow the problem there. If it is the psu it must be really bad cause 650 watts should handle two of those cards
  10. Alright. Looks like I was right. I thought it was an Earthwatts Its NOT A Greenwatts.
    The only thing relatignto the model number was "Model Rev. : 00F
  11. Coputernewbie said:
    Alright. Looks like I was right. I thought it was an Earthwatts Its NOT A Greenwatts.
    The only thing relatignto the model number was "Model Rev. : 00F

    Without testing, it would be hard to say if it is psu or not. Maybe you should run it by a local pc shop and let them test it for you. Either way you look at it, if its antec and 650 watts, it should be fine. Maybe there is a bugin your driver that will fix in a future update or maybe it is a problem with the gpu. Either way, a good pc shop should only charge you $20 or $30 to track it down for you.
  12. Well Suat, Your Link did not work for me. So Im not sure what it could be at this point. I doubt its the PSU. I have not uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. Thats something i will have to do later. They are up to date however. The only othere thing I can see it being is the slot for the card and not the Mobo itself or nothing would work.
  13. I have written many times here and there that this issue is related to the new gfx cards' power-saving feature. I have Radeon HD5770 and I have had the issue since I built the computer in November 2009.

    These cards have idle state core/memory clocks, power state core/memory clocks and other core/memory clocks in between. Normally the transitions between core/memory clocks, such as from idle to power state, should be smooth. But it may not be. When the transition is not smooth, we experience the issue. The screen gets sort of pixellated, turns black a couple of seconds and then returns to normal with a warning: Display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

    The transition from idle to any other state happens any time while browsing the internet, while browsing through folders, or while playing games, etc.

    For years and months I have resolved the issue by increasing the idle core/memory clocks from 157/300 MHz to 234/400 MHz for my system. I got this idea from a guy on the internet when Catalyst version was 9.11 (November 2009). He showed how to increase idle core/memory clocks.

    I have Catalyst 12.3 now. Till Catalyst 12.3, I have experienced the issue and I have raised idle state core/memory clocks with every driver/Catalyst release. With Catalyst 12.3, I have not had the issue since I installed it on March 07,2012. This version of Catalyst seems to have corrected the issue.

    By the way, I have also tried to increase idle core/memory clocks with Catalyst 12.3 in case I had the problem recur. But I could not do it with the previous method. Catalyst version 12.3 seems to be different, I believe. Because I no longer experience the issue, at least I haven't had it till now, I do not need to do it right away. I do not know yet why my old profile did not work to increase the idle state core/memory clocks.

    Therefore, I suggest O.P. to install the latest Catalyst drivers and see if the issue recurs. If it does recur, then he/she should try to increase the idle core/memory clocks to 400/600 MHz for his/her system if he/she can.

    Please be advised that you may also have a hardware fault lurking in your system. I do not want to give the impression that I am ruling out this possibility.

    Hope the above helps.
  14. I appreciate the help! All though I do not think i need to increase the clock as I had 12.3, I believe. To be sure, how would I check to see?
  15. Another Tech friend of mine said to uninstall and reinstall the Drivers for the card and I just finished that a few minutes ago. Hopefully that works.

    Though, when I went to the site, went to the download page, I saw that they had 12.2 for download and nothing later so Im not sure what to do for 12.3.
  16. Un installing and re installing did not help at all.

    Would choosing "Detect and Install" be an option? In case Im not intsalling the right one?
  17. First of all, I did not suggest to increase the clock speeds. I suggested to increase idle-state core and memory clock speeds. They are different. Besides, I just wanted to tell you that my card ( Radeon HD5770 ) is only working correctly without TDR ( TDR is the issue you are experiencing by receiving the message: Display driver stopped working and has successfully recovered, bla bla bla ) if I increase the idle-state core and memory clock speeds. Your issue may be different, though.

    For 28 months and for 28 driver versions since I have built my computer, I have been able to run my card without TDR only by increasing the idle-state core and memory clocks speeds.

    Open Catalyst Control Center and switch to Software section. There you will see the version of the Catalyst. On the download page it is written as 12.2. After installation, it appears as 12.3 on the software section.

    Now switch to Overdrive section.

    On the bottom of the window, you will see the current core clock and memory clock boxes. If you are not doing anything serious on the computer graphics-wise,you will see the idle-state core / memory clocks in those boxes.

    Those speeds you should increase and see if your issue still remains.
  18. Any idea of how much I should increase the speed by? Would it matter?
  19. What are your idle-state core and memory clock speeds ? Mine has core=157 MHz and memory=300 MHz.

    I may suggest 400 MHz for core and 900 MHz for memory for a start. If you run the card with no errors, then you may step down the speeds gradually until you come down to your sweet spot.
  20. I was having this same problem with my Radeon 4850 just yesterday, whenever I tried playing Battlefield 3. I fixed it by doing what georgew91 said, by uninstalling the current drivers and I downloaded the Catalyst 12.1 drivers and now it works fine.
  21. But now Im having a new issue! I JUST tried to sign into SWTOR and the screen is black but i can hear the music and my cursor going over my characters
  22. Patrick. Could you provide a link for Windows 7? I dont have Vista

    Oh and my Mobo is 760GM-E51 not 960. my bad

    Read this

    And I found out that Patric, you had the right page.

    Im hoping that resolves everything including the black sreen on my game

    Ill check back
  24. Lol I should have mentioned that, I had to go through the ATI website twice but it kept leading to the drivers under vista but they ended up working for me.

    I tried doing some of the stuff on the link you posted like update Direct X, but I've also been getting bluescreens, so I also posted on a windows 7 forum and I uploaded my minidump files because my driver would either recover or I would lose signal and my comp would shut off and leave me with a bluescreen error on startup.

    But I think in your case it;s just a driver problem. so good luck.
  25. Thanks Patrick! And thank you georgew91 ! The older 12.1 works! I wish I had done that sooner! I just didnt think it was a driver issue because I had done clean reinstalls like 4 times.

    But so far so good! No crashing and the black screen has been fixed thanks again Patrick and georgew91 !

    As for everyone else, I loved the help and I learned a lot!
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  27. this happens when you overclock your gpu too far.
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