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Estimated market life and price drop of the EVGA GTX 570


I would like to have your estimates on the market life and possible price drop of the EVGA GTX 570 (012-P3-1570-AR).

The reason behind this question is simple: like a lot of budget builders, I left the door open for SLI and I'm now waiting for the "deal I can't refuse" in order to buy my second video card.

Knowing that the average card has a market life of approximately 2 years (sometime more, sometime less), there is a danger associated with waiting too long: the card might end up unavailable, or only available on the used market.

For example, the GTX 480 is still selling out there, for about half the price of its original price tag, but only from few manufacturers. And when it comes to SLI'ing I read you want the exact same card to minimize possible issues.

The GTX 570 has been on the market since end 2010; the price dropped slightly from 350$ to 290$ (a present deal at NCIX

Basically, I am wondering what you guys with extensive PC building experience would recommend when it comes to:

- The approximate maximum time I can wait to get a deal before the card vanishes from the market.
- The approximate price that would be considered "the deal you can't refuse because it's not gonna get any cheaper than that".

Note that I am well aware that there are no exact answers to these questions: there're only guesses. That's why I'm asking you guys with experience, because you'll make a much more informed guess than I will...


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    I've been watching the 570 myself. I noticed a slight price drop as soon as the 680 hit this week.

    I'd guess that in the next 3-6 months that you could possibly find the 570 around the $260 range. Extremely hard to tell at this point. Once the other 600 series cards are released I think the price drops on the 570 will be more dramatic. As for EOL on the item that's even harder to guess because I have no idea on inventory levels for that card. From reading a few articles stating slow growth in GPU sector in the last 6 months I'd assume these company's manufactured a more "controlled" amount of these cards. But its anyone's guess on stock levels.

    Just my guesses and opinions.
  2. It's pretty much all speculation, but I assume they've got a couple more years on the market. I mean there are still GTX 460's out there to be had, and the 570 is still a pretty solid fit for gaming.

    I'd give it 6 months, let the market settle, and then see if you need another one for SLI. If you predict yourself needing/wanting it, pull the trigger then.
  3. It's indeed very hard to guess.

    Nevertheless, thanks to both of you for your insights.
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