Computer will not boot, no beep or display.

When I switched on my desktop computer, the power is coming into the monitor, CPU, mouse and the keyboard. But there is no beep and the monitor does not display anything at all. The indicator lights on CPU, monitor and the mouse are all on. The indicator lights ( three) on the keyboard light up for a second. What is the exact cause and how to rectify it?
My computer is an assembled one which I bought in July 2006. It has GIGABYTE CPU and SAMSUNG MONITOR and KEYBOARD. The processor is INTEL PENTIUM 4 3.06GHts. RAM is 512 MB. I am not a technical person and I do not have the know-how or the instruments to dis-assemble and re-assemble the CPU. I checked with the help of another computer that the monitor is working but the CPU is not sending the audio and video signals to the monitor. The CD-ROM drive is also not opening. The fans in the
CPU are running. The signal-carrying-cable plug-in of the monitor is properly plugged into the CPU plug.
Can anybody tell me the exact cause and how to rectify it? I live in a remote location where no computer mechanics are available.
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