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Ivy bridge i3 for gaming???

Hi Tom's. I've been looking for an upgrade in my rig. I currently have a Phenom 2 1055T which works well, but I just noticed the release of the Ivy bridge i3's. Would an ivybridge i3 be a good upgrade? (as in, would i see a significant increase in frames/performance over my current cpu). If not, do you have any other recommendations? (maybe wait for next gen cpu or something like that)

Thanks for your continuing help,
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  1. You wouldn't see a huge increase, maybe a small increase but nothing big, you could always wait for Piledriver (AMD's next gen) or Haswell (Intel's next gen).

    Your current CPU isn't rubbish anyway.
  2. suppose that you are a gamer the upgrade you have to do (to see a significant increase in frames/performance) is your GPU. your cpu is fine for gaming. buy a new GPU (and make sure that your PSU can handle it) and overclock your current cpu! also post your system specs so we can help you more!
  3. If you already have a good GPU you will notice some gains with i3 but, unless you experience low framerates with your current CPU, I suggest that you keep your CPU.
  4. My System Specs are the following:
    Mobo: Asus M4A87TD/USB3
    CPU: AMD Phenom 2 1055T 6 core
    RAM: OCZ 6 GB 1600 MHZ Timing 6-6-6 (got a great deal on it before it OCZ dropped RAM)
    GPU: XFX Double D Radeon HD 7770 GHZ edition not overclocked (and I game on a single 1920*1080 monitor)
    Asus DVD drive
    OCZ ModXstream Pro 700 Watt power supply
    Creative X-Fi sound card (dont know the model but its really good)

    If the i3 ivy bridge wont be too much of an upgrade, would the i5 be a lot faster? (as in, like before, better frames and performance)
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    An i5 would give you a bigger increase in FPS so yes the i5 will give you more performance, but i don't see whats wrong with your current CPU, just OC it and you will be fine.
  6. thanks for the help. Now, lets see how high i can get this phenom on air cooling...
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  8. I suppose you just got that 7770? While this XFX card is really nice, it still would be the better upgrade in terms of possible fps gain.
  9. Just don't OC on the stock cooler.
  10. That is not a bad set up for simple gaming.

    However, I will say that your CPU is rated to be about equal to an intel core 2 chip or a sandy bridge Pentium for gaming. (by tom's hardware CPU hierarchy chart)

    I think you would see a pretty decent upgrade in a sandy/Ivy bridge i3. I would definitely not hesitate to grab any lower end (read cheap) i5 sandy/ivy quad core that comes on sale.

    .. Recently I got a $130 i5-2400 and put it on a cheap ECS mobo ($30). It's not the fastest setup but it was a huge upgrade. However, I have had all good experiences with the i3 at 1080p.
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