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I need help to choose my new processor... i am confused between the i5 2500k i5 3450 and i3 3225... i need the processor for hd gaming and mechanical software's which include some rendering... i wont be overclocking coz i am buying the asus and p8h61 board and i will be buying a graphics card(ati hd 6850) only after three months... i know the i3 comes with hd4000 but will it affect my other work??? and also does full hd resolution make diff in 21.5 in monitor coz i am getting a 20in for $60 cheaper??? i know its a lot of questions but please help me... i am in a very tight budget... any help will be appreciated..
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    The asus ph61 may not post with a new ivy bridge cpu; the b75 chipset boards will; you can spend about ten dollars more for a motherboard with an hdmi port or get a video card later with hdmi port built in. Get the 22 inch monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution; it's not that much more; you can find them new on craigslist for under $100 sometimes.
  2. 2500K out of the three you have suggested.
  3. i stay in india... newegg donn ship here....:(. and the ph61 will support the ivy bridge u have to just the update the bios..
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