[HELP] PC with new components will not power up


I have a little bit of an issue, once when I was playing BF3 my PC suddenly shut down and would not turn back on, the fans were spinning and no boot, so I changed power supply and it did turn on and then after maybe 10 minutes of game play it did the same thing but now it would not power up whatsoever. I could smell the specific warm smell from the case and I thought the mobo went but I got a new one and still it does not power up. The power (standby) light on mobo is on but no power up.

My current hardware is:
AMD Bulldozer FX 8120 x8
Asus M5A97Pro (new mobo)
Corsair Vengeance 16GB 4x4
3 x 500GB Seagate HDDs
EVO Labs 750W PSU

I have tried several things already:
1. using different cpu (Athlon II x2 )
2. unplugging all of the peripherals leaving just psu, cpu, mobo and one ram
3. same as point 2 but swapping the ram
4. taking mobo out of the case and repeating steps 2 and 3
5. using different GPU (HD6450)
What do you think about this problem? I am so confused now it is unbelievable...what else could I do in order to test components, I need to underline that I do not have another pc to test the components with :/ I am really dying to know because I spent so much money on this PC and it just does not work, any input is strongly appreciated.

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  1. I would take it in to a computer hardware store. Unfortunately, it sounds like your motherboard fried and it fried a bunch of other things. Are the fans still working? Also, have you tried not using a GPU and using integrated gpu?
  2. I know the solution to the problem now, it has not yet been tested, so I am not 100% sure but about 95% :) . I had an opportunity to test my power supplies and came up that both of them were faulty (tested on mates pc), therefore i need to get a little bit more powerful one. What wattage do you think I should go for, 900W?
  3. How much will you OC? 800 watts should be fine. What brand psu are you using?
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