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I am new to this sorry if this is in the wrong category :??:

Anyways, I have Norton antivirus and I am going to build a New PC for gaming. I plan on using it on my new PC, Does Norton Antivirus decrease/effect my FPS? I wont use it if it does. And if it does decrease it is there a good antivirus software that wont?

Thank You
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  1. Norton is a CPU hog and will make your PC slow (in my experience).

    You can use freebies which are as good as ones you pay for.

    There is Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast.etc.
  2. Norton is a CPU hog < not true,norton is really light,the product line was overhauled a few years ago and is now top notch antivirus software.
  3. Modern CPUs are so powerful it's not really a concern.
  4. For me Norton has always been a pain, i have got a copy, the damn product key doesn't work, you call that 'top notch', its Norton 360 V5.0, meant to be for 3 PCs.
  5. the damn product key doesn't work < contact norton
  6. since i already have the key i might as well just use it. Im sure it isn't a huge difference!!
  7. I'm running Norton 2012 Internet Security,.One of the lightest i've ever used,only second to gdata.
  8. They overhauled the lineup 3 years ago.great software now.
  9. I game with it running with 0 issues.
  10. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I game with it running with 0 issues.

    sweet!! thank you
  11. Can't be bothered to contact them, using MSE anyway.

    Well try it, i have a messed experience with norton but your experience might be better.

    EDIT: Remember to activate the product key, Norton will remind you with there pop ups.
  12. Bit of a weird post but i found a copy of 'Norton Antivirus Gold Edition' still wrapped up in the plastic....

    EDIT:I tried to install it again and it worked, man i hate software and product keys.
  13. Hi :)

    I run Norton on all my gaming machines...

    All the best Brett :)
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