WHS remote access failure with Netgear WNDR3700

Hi all! I have been unable to access my WHS when I recently traveled across the US. I have a Netgear WNDR3700 router. My DSL modem is a DSL-520B. I have AT&T DSL (6 Mbs). I have tried enabling and disabling "remote management", forwarding to ports 80, 443, 3390, and 4125 all with no success.

Also, I believe (correct me if I am wrong) the remote management address is incorrectly listed as I have also turned off USB storage in case of a possible conflict I have read about with port 80.

Is there anyway of getting this router to allow me to remotely connect to my WHS? Is flashing it to DD-WRT a method that has worked to do so? Thanks.
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  1. to be able to connect remotely you either need to know the public IP assigned by your ISP, or use either Logmein or Hamachi (VPN) both are by logmein.com

    if you have a dynamic public IP, you could use DynamicDNS.
  2. I know what my external IP address is. However, as I previously stated, Netgears router interface only provides as local ip address. I hadn't considered Logmein or Hamachi (VPN) but do not think they are necessary. I know of others who can log into their WHS's remotely without using those; the have used DD-WRT on a Buffalo router. I am beginning to this is a limitation of this router.
  3. Also, is there a post somewhere that lists currently available routers that will allow this function for WHS?
  4. For me I ran into issues with my ISP blocking port 80, to get around this I have the router forward port 8080 to my WHS box on port 80.

    This way when I come in via http://mywhsdomain:8080 it then resolves internally to port 80 on the WHS box with no problem.

    My ISP (Fairpoint in NH, ex Verizon FIOS), doesn't block 443 so I'm able to use SSL without issue but perhaps your ISP is blocking 443 as well so you could try redirecting that?

    For what its worth, WHS's remote access setup never seems to work PNP wise so I've always had to manually create the port forwarding rules on my router.
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