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Whenever I try to update my display driver for the ATI Radeon 5450 I get prompted to download the CCC program and it never installs properly, often crashing my computer to the blue screen so that I have to restart. Wondering why CCC does not work on this computer as it works on my other computers no problem. I have windows 7 OS and it is updated. Any ideas?
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  1. Try to use a Driver sweeper to uninstall any graphics driver and then install CCC.
  2. What is CCC??????????
  3. is ati radeon HD5450 good for gaming??????
  4. pradert said:
    is ati radeon HD5450 good for gaming??????

    No, a HD 5450 is meant for accelerating HD video etc. The minimum for a Gaming graphics card is a 6670 in my opinion. And expect to run a modern game like BF3 @1920x1080 on the lowest possible setting.
  5. pradert said:
    What is CCC??????????

    CCC= ATI Catalyst Control Center

    When uninstalling ATI drivers, always use the installer to uninstall. Then boot into Safe mode and run Driver Sweeper to remove ALL driver files for AMD/ATI video.

    Then go to device Manager and then to Display Adapters, Uninstall the adapter and check the box to remove all files.

    Once finished, Reboot into normal mode and install the latest ATI/AMD video drivers.

    Note: Make sure you disable any antivirus/security software first.
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