Will a8-3870k Apu bottleneck my GTX 660 TI ?

Hey guys, I have a gtx 660 ti and a6-3600 apu its clocked at 2.1 with boost of 2.4 ghz. I think its bottlenecking my Gpu. Since I have FM1 socket, the best thing I can get without replacing my mobo is A8-3870k.Is it worth the upgrade? Will i get better performance out of the card?
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    well a 3870k should be close performance to a 965 x4, and i believe that the 965 wont bottleneck a 660ti, so getting the 3870k will prob help.

    Or if ur willing to buy a $110 a8, u might as well get the 965 for $110 newegg or $90 tigerdirect and spend $60 on an asus m5a78 am3+ motherboard.
  2. Yeah I know what you are saying but I recently bought the new card (660 ti) and I only have like 50 bucks left lol. So i really cant afford another mobo. Just wanted to see if i get the a8 3870k and oc it. Do you think it will be a worth upgrade from a6 3600 apu?
  3. I'd save up until you can afford a new motherboard and CPU. Yes, I'd shoot for i5 in your situation.

    The AMD llanos basically a the same design as the Athlon II and Phenom II but with a graphics chip on the die. The difference between A IIs and P IIs is that the A IIs don't have an L3 cache (neither do Llanos), depending on the program or game this can affect performance anywhere from 5 to 25 percent. So yea, the 660 TI is not the best pairing with a Llano, they work best as low end systems that don't need discrete graphics cards.
  4. It might, the 660 ti is faster than the old 580GTX, which already could push a stock 965.
  5. Keep your stuff, live with the card being more or less bottleneck'ed and save that money for a new mobo + CPU. In your case, I'd go Intel.
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