High temperature Pentium G850?

Hello all,

Yesterday I completed my first build and made a bit of an amateur mistake. I did not push the arms of the intel stock cooler for my Pentium G850 far enough into the motherboard for them to click. I used the system for maybe two hours before realizing and went back to push them through with more force (I didn't lift the heatsink at all as I'm aware you can not remove it and replace it without reapplying thermal paste).

Realtemp and HWmonitor are giving me readings of 35-40C when idle and 75-80C when under 85% load playing Guild Wars 2. I've Googled the issue for hours and have found a wide range of information and really haven't learned enough to know what I should do as opinions vary so greatly. I've read a lot of forum posts claiming that anything over 60-70C is too high for a processor under full load, yet also read a response from an intel representative to a question on their site who stated that the Tcase of 69.5C is a temperature that Intel expects the processor to not exceed while running tasks such as web browsing/word processing, and it's quite normal to expect temperatures under full load of anywhere up to 90C and this won't cause any problem for a sandy bride processor. The vast majority of forum opinion however seems to be that that would be an unacceptable temperature.

I haven't noticed any slow down or issues during my time gaming so far but am still slightly concerned... Is it likely that running at 75-80C will cause any damage to my processor or motherboard? If it is then I guess I'll have to clean and reapply some thermal compound, but I'd rather not have to if there is no risk of damage.
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  1. That's way too hot and it either means your heatsink isn't installed correctly or you have zero airflow in your case.

    What's the room temp?
  2. I have a i3-2100 which is clocked faster with the same heatsink and mine never goes over 63c even under 100% load like prime95.
  3. Yeah your temps look a little high. I too had an i3 and a G630 at one point and never saw anything above 70C. Actually with my i3 I hit 75C but I too didn't push the pins in hard enough. To be fair it was my first Intel CPU and had never used one of those new-fangled push pin coolers, lol. But I pulled the whole thing off and noticed the thermal paste only made contact in one corner. However, since I had 3 or 4 types of higher quality paste on hand I just cleaned the CPU and HSF and applied a better paste and pushed those pins so hard I thought the motherboard was going to break, and then I heard the "click" noise. So if I were you, and especially because your planning on playing CPU intensive games for extended periods, I would get some new paste, or maybe even a $20 aftermarket cooler.
  4. DO a reinstall of the cooler.
  5. Okay, thank you very much all. I'll order some arctic silver 5 and articlean from Amazon.

    What would you guys recommend to use to wipe the paste off? Would these cheap coffee filters work? http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000LTOCSG/
  6. Read guides in sig.....
  7. As everyone has pointed out those temps are way high, especially for the G850. Re-apply thermal paste and re-mount the HSF.

    I reccomend the following TIM:


    Non-conductive and easy to apply....Not to mention it won a Tom's award.

    Simply head to a chemist/pharmacy and purchase 80%-99% isopropyl alcohol, mate. No need to bother with the cleaning kit.

    As for removing the previous application of TIM from the CPU. As long as the item used is absorbant, non-abrasive and lint-free you shouldn't have to worry.
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