Are these parts compatible and do they fit in the case?

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  1. The case and GPU are good but everything else really isn't. What's your budget? Knowing that would help to suggest a better system.
  2. Over all, it looks good. If you have $20 more in your budget, I would get 8 gigs of ram. You also need a case unless you are reusing one.
  3. My question was "Are these parts compatible and do they fit in the case?"
    No one answered my question.

    My budget is $600. Also I posted the case at the top. and 4Gb ram is enough for gaming I heard.
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    To answer your first two questions, yes and yes. Sorry I didn't see the case, it is not a link. You currently do not need 8 gigs of ram. That said, computers won't start using less, and it is only $20 more.
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