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Windows 7 only recognizing 128mb of 1gb

Hi everyone, i have win xp machine and nvidia 9800gt 1gb card. I bought windows 7 ultimate 64bit yesterday. And do clean install of windows 7.Then download and install nvidia driver, i see my gpu dedicated memory only 128mb!!. I tried change driver, no difference. Why my pc recognizing only 128mb of gpu memory? And how to use full gpu memory? Any solution? My system: intel core 2 duo e4500 3ghz, 4gb ddr3 memory, 200gb ata hard disk, 500w thermaltake psu, intel q41 mobo, nvidia geforce 9800gt
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    The video card will use all of it's RAM, the 128MB could be the RAM windows is reserving for video memory, not the video card.

    Easy way to test things, run a benchmark on the system like 3DMark, if the results are the same as other systems with your CPU and video card, your card is working fine. If it was only seeing 128mb of video ram, the results will be much lower.
  2. Tnx nang-the-9, i already run 3dmark benchmark and result are same. But games so slow. Left 4 dead before 1200x1600, AA4, everything high, gives 60+ fps, now 800x600 fps is 30-40, and why? And i dont have money to buy graphic card
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