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Hello everyone .
Right now I'm in a process of building a new budget/gaming rig , so i want your opinions on it , specs should go something like :

MB : Asus sabertooth 990fx

CPU : amd fx 4170

RAM : 8 gig mushkin redline @1866mhz
( )

graph : asus eah6850 v2
( )
(keep in mind that I already have this card, so I can't change it (its super hard to sell one in Bosnia :D ))

Storage : Mushkin Chronos 120gb sata3 6gbit/s
( )

Storage 2 : Some old hitachi 320gb sata2 purely for media (I guess its not important)

I haven't decided yet on PSU and case , so feel free to give your opinions and suggestions.

First off i wanna say that I'll be using this only for gaming , so keep that in mind. So , I'm total noob when it comes to building rigs (it's my first) and I'm pretty concerned about stuff I don't understand like CPU-ram sync (i have no idea what that is, but everyone keeps talking about it) , bottlenecks ( I do understand what a bottleneck is, but i cant really know if one is there until i test the system, so i'm asking you should i change anything to avoid bottlenecks ?).

Those are the two burning questions, but you can add anything you want 'cause I'm really new to this and any piece of advice is welcome (I can still change everything, except GPU).

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Total budget and uses?
  2. Well budget is around 500 euros for cpu+mb+ram+ssd , and after i get those i'll sell my old pc for around 150 euros so i can get a decent case and PSU (but it's nothing certain). For uses , well if you mean how I will use it I already told it is only for gaming.
  3. i3-2100
    asrock z77 Pro 3 or z68 extreme 3 gen 3
    radeon 6870
    8gb Corsair Vengeance
  4. amuffin said:
    asrock z77 Pro 3 or z68 extreme 3 gen 3
    radeon 6870
    8gb Corsair Vengeance

    1. I cant change the GPU, I can only OC the one I have (eah6850)
    2. Is a dual-core intel so much supreme to a quad-core amd, and why ? Would fx-4170 bottleneck my eah6850 ?
    3. Is corsair superior to mushkin ? Why ?
  5. take a look at toms review and photo of the gaming cases on the front page. the r300 is a perfect case for the money..(i dont have one but i point out why it one.) the first thing is the front fan. it large...the larger the fan the slower it run to move the same air as a 140mm fan. slower fan...less noise. it also has a lot of vents to help move airflow. newer case should have the ps on the bottom and a fan on the top as hot air is going to rise. the case also does not let the hard drives bay cut down on the video card lenth the case can use. some mid case top out at 9-11 inch card lengths, the hard drive trays are simple and can take both 2.5 and 3.5 drives. there also very little plastic on the case..just some nice flat black metal. on your build make sure you use a good power supply..there are a lot of cheap ones out there that can take out your gaming rig. look at toms guild when they tested an amd fx vs a sandy bridge chip...the sb chip did better in gaming. i know some places you cant get all the same parts and you have to build on price. one other thing make sure the mb is a newer build. with the 990fx and fx chips if the mb bios is still at the first rev it wont post with the new fc chips. (the cpu id code is too old). you need someone with an older chip to get the mb to post so you can flash it. also swap the ram to some 1600/1300 speed ram. unless your going to try and over clock the cpu..your not going to see much speed diff between 1600 and 1866 ram. bottle necks is when the cpu and gpu at high res cant output anymore when you test with frapps and put in a high end video card the fps stays the same. that why you see toms hardware use 6 core -7 they dont want to have the cpu bottle necking a gpu.
  6. Smorizio , thanks for reply
    I just want you to clarify things about chipset , I didn't quite understand the part where I should flash it immediately.

    Edit1: Sabertooth 990fx ships with fx support , if that is what you thought . . .
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