GTX 560ti , crashing with artifacts on youtube video's


Today when i watched a video on youtube fullscreen , it froze and had symetrical artifacts { the sound also loops}

They are red and green little boxes of stripes evenly spread across the screen.

This is the second time ive had this happen.

im running a msi gtx 560ti tinfrozer II

a 2500k {both unoverclocked}

win 7 latest updates

latest nvidia drivers.

750w psu

4 gb's of corsair vengance ram.

If anyone can help me , thank you in advance

Update :

it just happened again , but this time i had been gaming for 2 hours , shut the game down and started watching a youtube video
When the video went fullscreen it happened again
This time the artifacts looked more like 8 bit colour all over the screen
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  1. download Memtest, just to make sure it's not RAM. If it's not, RMA the card, it's broken.
  2. Sunius said:
    download Memtest, just to make sure it's not RAM. If it's not, RMA the card, it's broken.

    seems fishy though , games r fine , temp is fine , but youtube FULLSCREEN flips out , seems like a driver issue , i did just update my driver though , should i get the old driver back ?
  3. Try doing it. If it helps, might be driver issue too. But doesn't sound like it.
  4. I have a 560ti and am encountering the same problem. I also want to add that this only started happening once I upgraded to the 296.10 Nvidia drivers. Before upgrading, my computer never froze while watching youtube videos, but Firefox would crash, and there would be a yellow sign with an exclamation point in my taskbar, saying something like "a video driver error occurred". I am almost certain it is a driver issue. I suggest rolling back to whatever the latest Nvidia driver released in 2011 was until a proper solution is found.
  5. almost sure it is driver, a lot of people had this problem with nvidia 296.10 drivers, on the "web";

    if you have upgraded to 296.10
    Rollback to 295.73 those driver are very good.

    if you aren't using 296.10 or 295.73 upgrade to 296.73, if you are in 295.73 and this problem is hapenning try reinstalling the video drivers,
  6. having the same problem with a galaxy 560 ti. was it the drivers?
  7. Just use the 295.73 drivers which never crash, compared to the new drivers which always crash within a few days. Now this is tested on not just my Windows-7 64bit PC that i run for almost the whole day most of the times, but also my brothers PC, and they are both running GTX 560Ti video cards. I just recently tried re-installing the newest drivers again and sure enough within a few days i had the same crash, so back i went to the 295.73 drivers for over 2 weeks now without 1 crash :bounce:
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