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I've had an i7-950 (not OC'd) for a while now and never had any problems with it until recently. My temps are usually 50c - 55c (idling at 30c), but I've been playing Guild Wars 2 a lot lately and noticed my temps spike up to 65c - 70c whenever something intensive happens on the screen (lots of people and spell effects, etc.). I did some searching and found some discrepancies with what people were saying: while Intel's site (and people as well) were saying the max safe temp is 67c, others were saying as high as 80c. My case is not the best, but I think it's decent especially since this is the first time that I've come across any problems. I thought about downclocking or setting a static vcore, but I didn't want to mess with the BIOS as I'm not very familiar with OC'ing or anything related to it. I have an aftermarket cooler and I re-did the TIM before the game came out. My question is: are these temps safe? If not, are any of the options above (or anything else) viable?

Thank you.
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  1. Yes. The Intel rep on this website stated the max safe temp is 72c. You're ok.
  2. i was having the same problem as you. i have the same cpu not oc'd and i was hitting 80+c while playing bf3. i just set the cpu voltage to 1.1 and me highet was 68c. and now that the winter is coming my highet is 61c! the performance is still the same!
  3. The LGA1366 line is well known for running real hot -- you do need a really good case to keep temps below 65~70C
  4. What CPU cooler do you have? In a well cooled environment and a good cpu cooler; you'll get idle temps of mid 30s to low 40s and max temps around 60s. Stock coolers idle high 40s and get up to 70-80s but it's fine. You don't get into trouble until stuff start hitting 90+C..
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