I5-2500K not downclocking under minimal load

I recently purchased a Galaxy GTX 670 and it's working great:

However, I've noticed that since I've installed the new card, the core clock on my CPU is always at 4.5GHz now. Before I had this card the clock would go down when not under a heavy load. Could this be because this new card is an OC edition?

I haven't changed any settings in my BIOS, and I had it set up as a Turbo OC on my MSI Z77A-G45.

ALSO, my CPU is overclocked to 4.5GHz at 1.31V and it's been very stable. Will it burn up my components to have it at this speed all the time, or should I not even worry about it? I want to have this as a stable 24/7 setup and not burn up all of my components, hence my interest it downclocking under minimal load.

Thank you for your assistance.
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    Some boards will adjust the cpu speed using speedstep while overclocking, and some won't. I suggest you abandon overclocking the cpu if you can't afford to replace it. Intel is voiding the basic three year warranty unless you purchase their extra warranty for overclocking. It's about $20.
  2. I guess what I don't understand is that I had it OC'd to 4.4GHz@1.29V and recently upped it just a little to 4.5@1.31V. When I had it at 4.4GHz it would downclock when not under a full load. Now that I've upped it a little it doesn't do that any more.

    Does that make sense. Is the threshold perhaps 4.5GHz at which the speed always stays up instead of clocking down?
  3. To give you a little more info, I just reverted to my previous OC and now it'll downclock under minimal load (now 4.4Ghz@1.29V). I guess that means I either reached some type of threshold or changed something in the BIOS when I upped the clock to 4.5Ghz (although I don't see any differences in the BIOS right now).

    I guess I'll just tinker with it, but leave it at 4.4Ghz for now. Will I even see a noticable difference between 4.4GHz and 4.5GHz when gaming, etc.?
  4. rdm3 said:
    Will I even see a noticable difference between 4.4GHz and 4.5GHz when gaming, etc.?

    :lol: No. You're talking about 100Mhz, when you're already at 4.4Ghz... That won't even make much of a difference in benchmarks, much less actually be noticeable.
  5. Thank you. Sounds like I'll just stop screwing with it and enjoy my computer.
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