AMD vs Nvidia

I am running into some nice cash lately and like many people i am gonna shop around.

Im looking at 6 or 7 series cards
I posted the series cards i have looked at in person so far.
Just having fun is all with this post. I might use it for part of my decision .

Thanks !!
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  1. i ordered my galaxy gtx 680 from, but

    its on preorder status right now hoping to have this in my hands by thursday do you guys think that is possible?
  2. It released on my Bday i guess. March 22nd. if that is true.. then next thursday yes.. but it was rumor as far as I thought that March 22nd was the release date.
    Someone correct me if im wrong
  3. yea march 22nd was the release date I believe, but frys still has them as a preorder option, Im guessing once they get their shipment they will send out all the preorders first (me) I hope
  4. 680: Slight edge overall, runs cooler, less stable framerate at high resolutions, great shader performance, poor compute performance, decent SLI scaling
    7970: Slight edge on extremely demanding games, slight edge on extremely high resolutions / multi-monitor, marginally better image quality (debatable), easy to overclock, amazing compute performance, runs a bit hotter than the 680, very stable framerate (lower maximum FPS trades off for higher minimum), outstanding Crossfire scaling (80-100% in some games), Zero Core is pretty sweet

    The 680 series is a refinement of an existing architecture, they took what worked and didn't change it. As a result, the NVidia drivers are very mature already. The 7000 series is brand new and AMD has been dogging it a bit with getting driver performance up to par and Crossfire bugs still abound.
  5. It really depends upon what you want to do with the card. As Pinhedd said the GTX 680 is excellent for Gaming and is just a refinement of the Fermi architecture so the drivers are already pretty well optimized.

    If you ONLY want to play games, then I'd recommend the GTX 680 for the top performance, or to save some money: the Radeon 7870 is also an excellent gaming choice that will get you close to the GTX 680 in terms of performance, for significantly less money. --- and no people I'm not saying that the 7870 is as good as the GTX 680 ... I'm just saying that it'll get you 85% of the GTX 680's performance for significantly less money.

    However if you are also doing some Video editing, 3D rendering, Content Creation with Adobe, or 3D Modelling I'd suggest that you strongly consider either the Radeon 7970 or the 7950. While not being as good in gaming as the GTX680 (they are awful close though) they offer MUCH MUCH better GPU computer capability.
  6. Thats a thought. I do alot of video encoding and reformating
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