Best CPU for my needs?

My "Needs": :P

1. Won't severely hinder performance of AMD Radeon HD 7750
2. At least 3 cores would be nice, but not neccesary
3. I'm not rich, so don't go recommending Intel Core i5's because I know I don't need to spend the money on it... unless you find a really good deal :P

I already own an AMD Athlon II X3 455, but might sell it if it isn't powerful enough.

Thx ya'll :D
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    Pentium G860.
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  3. was there even an option for others to add? a 965 be would be best, u alrdy have an am3 cpu and motherboard
  4. Intel Chip means a new mobo - and may mean a new copy of Windows (if you have an OEM copy).

    Stick with a chip that will fit in your Mobo since there are plenty to work with in the mid-range (to pair with a 7750) - the Phenom 965 be would be great as Lazyboy recommends.
  5. You said you already own the Athlon? Is that the one you are using now, or is it in another machine? What are your needs anyways?
  6. lol srry guys i went to bed and his was the only answer. i own the athlon, but not the mobo, so its not in a system yet
  7. well the pentium is a dual core with no hyper threading so defeats ur needs there and a i3 ivy bridge or sandy bridge has the hyper threading which when used is dual core 4 thread, and a phenom ii x4 965 is a native quad core and costs less than the i3s and prob only $20-30 more than the x3 u have and better than an athlon x4.

    On newegg ur 455 is $75, same pricing as the pentium, and a IB/SB i3 is around $130, and a 965 is $110, even an athlon x4 is only $5-10 more than ur current 455 x3
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