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I've been concerned about the temps I am getting at idle on my 3770k @ 4.6Ghz 1.28v from RealTemp I'm seeing 40 to high 40's using a H100 push pull, I feel thats still a bit high for it. My RealTemp seems to be a bit sporadic with the temps I'm seeing, starting to make me wonder if its RealTemp. My H100 pump seems to be fine and I know that the plate is definitely contacting. These temps might be fine for 4.6Ghz on a Ivy bridge but I'm still unsure. My room isn't hot at all and the case has pretty good airflow (I think).
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  1. I think it is a bit high, perhaps it is related to your OC?
  2. What case are you using and what's your ambient temperature?

    Also, those are a tad warm, but they're still should worry more about your load temps IMO.
  3. 40 degrees idle is fine, 4.6Ghz isnt a small overclock. IvyBridge get hot there is no way around it, once you start to pump up the volts. What are your load temps?
  4. Thanks for the replies, my case is a NZXT switch 810 intake fans in the front outs on the top and back. My load temps are around 50's and high 60's on games like BF3 ultra settings and GTA 4.
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    Oh wow, those are actually very reasonable temperatures...

    You shouldn't be worried.
  6. Yeah the temps at load seem to be fine I'm just not used to the high 40's on idle even with the overclock, I'm still getting used to Ivybridge I guess. :p Thanks again for the help!
  7. :) welcome
  8. Ivy Bridge runs hot because the heatspreader on top of the CPUs does not make great contact with the cores beneath. Intel used to solder the IHS to the cores but discovered a way to save some money by using cheap thermal paste instead. Users that take the time to replace this usually end up with much better core temperatures.

    Your load temps are fine so it is not worth going to the hassle or risk of doing this. If you have not heard about this issue then check out this thread.
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