AMD 8150FX Vs. AMD 955 BE

This is really hard to to think over. I get both sides of the story when looking at other reviews about, which is better. I mainly use my computer for games such as Arma 2 and Flight Simulator X. Arma 2 is a well rounded game, in other words, it uses basically everything in equivalence. Flight sim X on the other hand is a high CPU usage type of game so I'm trying to decide whether the 955 is better or the 8150 is better.

My current system:

CPU: AMD 955 BE @ 4.0 Ghz
Motherboard: 790FX-GD70
GPU: Sapphire 6870 1gb
Ram: Corsair 12gb DDR3 1333 (XMS3)
HDD: 160gb for OS (windows 7 x64), 500gb (Flight sim x), 320gb (other games), 500gb (extra stuff)
PSU: 550w

Im looking into getting the 8150 with the Asus Sabertooth 990FX motherboard as well as a 1000w psu at a cost of $65. If I do get the 8150, I will definitely over clock it.

Apparently the 955 is better, based on many reviews but I am also getting told that the 8150 is the way to go so I am really stuck. Its constantly going back and forth. So help me out on this one guys. Ive searched many reviews and all of them say get the 955 at the same time saying get the 8150 so.....
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  1. The 8150 is by no means a bad processor and neither is a 955.
    I actually own a 955BE but haven't used it in quite some time.

    In regards to upgrading, it honestly depends on what you intend to use your system for. The extra resources of the 8150 would be considerably better than a 955BE for video editing, modelling and rendering.

    Then again, the 955BE, clock for clock, is SOMETIMES a little bit better when it comes to single-threaded applications (but not by much and only on a per-core basis, not in comparison to all cores of the 8150 and certainly not the case in every application, it varies a lot).

    Honestly, if your main intention is gaming the 955BE is about as good with games as the 8150 and moving up for the sake of a better gaming experience would not really be a good move.

    If you have more uses for those extra resources on the 8150 then by all means step up. :) But for gaming, I would stick with just the 955. It'll handle things fine.
  2. well since i play flight sim x, I'm just trying to find something to handle it even better. I know intels are the best for flight sim x but i don't have that kind of money. I see flight sim x some one struggling so yeah.
  3. I have owned a 955, 1100t and currently have an 8150. 955 is a great chip but the 1100t was an improvement. The 8150 and 1100T were pretty equal with both overclocked with the 8150 only edging it in a couple benchmarks. To note, took 4.6ghz on the 8150 to equal (slightly better) the 1100T at 4.2ghz in gaming benchmarks on my rig.
  4. in terms of over clocking, which is the best?
  5. From a numbers game the 8150. Was about 20 minutes work of tweaking to get her at 4.6ghz stable on an H80.
  6. Thats good to hear because i also have an H80 as well. At 4.6, what are your idle and full load temps?
  7. The 8150 is not even an upgrade when it comes to gaming you will be paying money for on average the same performance. See,review-32368-9.html for some comparisons.
  8. whatsup simon. yeah see, i saw a comparison between a few chips. i just need to find it and post it. sounds like the 1100T would be best as of now but I'm still not positive
  9. Wait less than a month and get the 8350 or 4320.,17188.html

    It is what I am waiting on in this boat and the next best thing from AMD will out before the the first credit card bill shows up for the 8150. :kaola:
  10. hey, that is a great point you got there. right now it seems like the 1100T or 1090T is hitting my interest. Ill look into waiting for the new chips and decide then.

    thank you everybody for the tips and opinions.


    Ill leave this open in case other people have their opinions to share.
  11. FX 8150, yes Phenom II's are good but there is frankly nothing wrong with a FX8150, unless you actually believe a synthetic.
  12. well the main thing I'm looking for is something fast to run flight sim x. i understand that the i5 or i7's are the best but AMD is in my pay range. I'm deciding between a few. the 1090t, 1100t, 8150, or the newer 8350 or perhaps the 4320. I'm looking for speed
  13. CPU: Get a 8120 if in a rush or the 8350 if you can hold out to the end of the year. Thubans are fantastic but in much of the day to day runnings of the system you will notice how much more responsive the FX is over the old Thuban.

    MOBO: Avoid the Sabertooth, its okay but to gimmicky. Go straight to a Crosshair V or consider a Asrock Fatality 990FX or Gigabyte 990FXA UD5.

    PSU: 1kw for what? basically don't skimp quality for capacity, I am sure a $65 1kw PSU is a disaster waiting to happen. You don't need that kind of capacity anyways, look at a 750w but even a 650w is plenty.

    GPU: HD 7870, don't really need more than that.
  14. Look for the 6 core Phenom's!
  15. Hey thanks for those tips sarinaide. At first I looked into getting the formula V. ill consider it again.

    amuffin: i remember you from another post lol. i was looking at the zambezis 6 core but ah, inus well go with the newer fx chips
  16. The thubans yes still game well and do many things well but you will notice the difference in memory controller between the two. The FX feels far more responsive to the user.

    Also slightly cheaper than a Crosshair but is extremely feature rich is the Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7
  17. well, FX8350 its around the corner... just wait
  18. I have changed my motherboard to a ASRock Fatality 990FX, really good performance and presentation, I was always hessitent to go to ASRock but they did a really sterling job on this board. Much cheaper than both the Crosshair and UD7 but has plenty connectivity, looks impressive, 12+2phase VRM's and a good helping of extras.
  19. There is no point to go from a Phenom II to a Bulldozer. At best it's a side grade and isn't worth the money since in most cases Phenom II out performs Bulldozer in games. I would stick with the Phenom II for now and wait and see what happens in the next couple months.
  20. If you have an X4 955 @ 4.0 Ghz you have a pretty nice sample and a good overclock (my X4 955 BE C2 couldn't go above 3.6 Ghz). If your primary concern in gaming I'd sit tight and wait for a more substantial upgrade.
  21. aright guys looks like I'm going to wait for now. Thanks. If you have any other thoughts please share! Im taking all of your opinions into consideration
  22. theboi808 said:
    aright guys looks like I'm going to wait for now. Thanks. If you have any other thoughts please share! Im taking all of your opinions into consideration

    I would forget about going AMD at all for gaming I would go with Intel when and if you decide to do a new build. Even if Piledriver has the performance increase everyone is claiming it will still only be equal to a first generation I core processors still a good bit behind Intel.
  23. if i had the money, i would but for now i can't. if i did have the money, id probably go for an i7 2600k. anyways, AMD wise, I'm looking for the best
  24. theboi808 said:
    if i had the money, i would but for now i can't. if i did have the money, id probably go for an i7 2600k. anyways, AMD wise, I'm looking for the best

    I' not saying right now I'm talking about a couple years down the road. The 955 is a fine CPU and can contiune to be fine for awhile. Broadwell and Skylake are next, after Haswell.
  25. oh definitely. But knowing that the new FX chips are coming out, i figure i wait because maybe the 8150 prices are going to go down
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