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Hello everyone,

I've just completed my first build in a long time. During the process, I guess I reset the BIOS settings (Gigabyte-UEFI DualBios) and I have a choice upon start up of loading optimized defaults then boot, Load optimized defaults then reboot, and enter bios.

The problem is I cannot choose because my neither my keyboard (Cosair Vengeance K90) or mouse (Razer Black Mamba) work. However, their lights are on and I can control the lights so I know they're receiving power through the PC. So I can't setup my computer right now.

Maybe it's because the drivers are not installed that they're not working? If so, is there another way for me to navigate the BIOS?

Here's my build, if it matters:

Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H motherboard
Intel i5-3570k
GSkill Ripjaw series 16GB 1600MHz
EVGA nVidia Geforece 560Ti FPB
Seasonic X650 Gold psu
WD Caviar Black 1TB
Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Blue Full Tower

P.S. - Also I am using my TV as a monitor temporarily. I don't know if this may affect input.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. There is another post currently in this forum with the same motherboard and he's having trouble as well but it's a little different from yours in that abios update may fix his. I would try the keyboard in another usb port to see if it will work. I fyou end up getting it to work I would update the bios so you have the most recent.
  2. I've tried all usb ports naturally, I don't think its a bios issue. I am getting code Ab (BIOS waiting for user command). I think its an input signal issue as my pressing enter or arrow keys does nothing in the BIOS.
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    Can you borrow a keyboard to get the settings changed?
  4. I'm going to try that today, getting a cheap keyboard. Perhaps its a driver issue.
  5. You would think that with all of the keyboards and mice being usb that they would have support in the bios for all brands. I guess that's why they still include the ps/2 ports on the back I/O panel on some boards.
  6. Yea I guess PS/2 is going extinct, if my mobo had those ports I wouldn't have had to borrow a keyboard because I have an old PS/2 keyboard and mouse lying around.

    But I did, a stock HP one with a USB2.0 connection and it worked fine! Thanks for your help!
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