Pc Battling To Start

Hi all, im wondering if anyone can help with this.

I seem to be having a problem i cant really understand so thought i would try and ask for some help.

Im not really sure how to explain this but it seems my pc is battling to start. For example if i turn it off at night before going to sleep, once i wake up in the morning and push the power button, i can hear the fans, hard drive etc starting up, but the monitor wont turn on. I hold then hold in the power button to try and turn the machine off to restart it but the machine wont turn off so i am forced to unplug the power cord from the power supply to get it to turn off again. After waiting about 30 seconds i will then plug it back in push the power button and the machine starts up no problem. Except for this morning when i done the same thing but then the monitor kept flickering on and off when ever i pressed the keyboard buttons.

Once the machine is on and running there are no problems, everything works 100% as far as i can tell. If i just turn the machine off for about an hour and then power on again it works fine as well, its only when i turn off the machine for longer than 3 hours that i seem to have this problem but really got worried this morning when the monitor started flickering which it has'nt done before so am assuming the problem could be getting worse.

Im thinking it could be the power supply but am not that tech savy enough to know this for sure so could really use some help in trying to figure out what the problem could be. Thank you for any help you could give with this :)
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  1. Is there any blown capacitor on your motherboard?
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