GTX 680 and 570 retail packaging and weight

Hi I live in Australia and plan on buying a GTX 680 from Newegg when they return to stock. My friend also is considering buying a second 570 for his machine. We are going to use PriceUSA or Shipito to send it to Austrlia (its cheaper this way, like $80 for each card cheaper).

So questions are:
1. Any recommendations from people who have used either PriceUSA or Shipito or smilair companies to buy items overseas?
2. We need to know the approximate size and weight of a gtx 680 and gtx 570 in their retail packaging?
3. Comments on what the hell i would do to recieve warranty on stuff bought in the USA?

Thanks for responses, much appreciated
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  1. 2. Have any PC stores nearby ? The package for the GTX 570 / 580 wont vary much at all forth 680. Just measure what's on the shelves.

    However, not that newegg will ship both in a bigger box.

    3. AT best you'd have to return to "place of purchase" in 1st 30 days or manufacturer thereafter. Warranty provisions will vary by manufacturer.
  2. I would think warranty would be good world-wide but like Jack says, 30 days. doing an RMA back to Newegg would probably be cost prohibitive.
  3. I'm going to be doing the same thing, live in Adelaide, have a friend in the US who will help. Including currency conversion, higher end GTX680 models cost ~ $300 bucks more in Aus .. even though our currency is stronger atm.. so I'm going to be shipping here with the full intention of re-shipping should it fail, because it would STILL be cost effective! (though wouldn't have long to find defects) its like stores here just sell us USA site gear and add their own profit on top. guess that's what happens when you live in a country with a lower population than the USA has computer enthusiasts :P
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