I need Help With What To Ask For In A Laptop For My Needs

I need help in specifically what to ask for in purchasing a new laptop.

Details such as processor, memory, screen resolution. In other words I kind of need the real guts of information in order to make the best choice. I am a new college student and I want something that is going to at least hold up to my educational and business demands for a few years.

I would also like something that will be able to take advantage of touch screen and be ready for when Windows 8 hits the market.

The software I want to run will be Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD, Dreamweaver, Expresion Web, Visual Studio, FileMaker Pro, Miscrosoft Suite, etc.

I will probably be utilizing numerous software simultaneously.

If i can get one with a TV tuner built in that would be great as well.

Can anyone assist me with the details I would need to be asking for in my choices
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  1. From your software list, you need a high end computer. i7 CPU, 8 GBs minimum RAM (means get 64-bit OS).

    With all these programs running, you may have overheating problems on a laptop.
  2. specs you would want to look for
    -i7 quad core
    -8gb of ram
    -7200rpm drive (you can get one yourself)
    -very least a gt540m (equivalent or higher)
    (touchscreen laptops usually are very expensive)
    good cooling system (an asus ROG laptop would fit almost all of these specs, but they are quite heavy and dont have that much of battery life.

    do not get acers as they have bad cooling.

    Check out hp's lineup
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