DELL inspiron 580s change cpu case?????

I have dell inspiron 580s slim tower model.I want to know that can i change the case of my computer cpu cause it slim it doesnt suppot any high level graphic card.plz z help me i really want to change my computer case and also want to change pcu cause it has 300 w psu only
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  1. It can be done if it's a standard mATX motherboard. Check the mounting holes and make sure they match the mATX standard. Also verify that the audio and USB connectors are standard; otherwise it will be more challenging to complete the installation.

    If it this motherboard?
  2. yes it is the motherboard of my pc
  3. Since you can see it, just make sure that it's fully compatible with a mATX or ATX case. In particular check the audio and USB connectors.
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