Monitor and Keyboard for my build?

It's time to start getting components! Here's the build I have, it's pretty final just posting it for references or incase there are glaring errors or mistakes.

CPU cooler $20 - CoolerMaster Hyper 212 plus

RAM - $50 - Corsair Vengeance 1600

Case - $60 - CM HAF 912

Optical - $20 - Some random thing

GPU – Gigabyte GTX 570 - $270 REBATE

CPU (already bought) - i5 3570k

Motherboard (already bought) - AsRock z77 Extreme4

I have around $250 left in my budget for a screen. I DO have a crappy old screen lying around so I probably have around a month to save up cash before I go insane and buy a better one.

So my 1st question is this: What is the best screen for casual gaming with these prerequisites:

At least 22 inches
16:9 contrast ratio (widescreen)

I also need a keyboard. Right now I'm going for the Apple Wired keyboard because I really really like the laptop style keyboards (chiclet, scissor switches, etc) but if there's a better one out there just let me know. Budget is under $60.
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    For $240, you can get a U2312HM. It has low response time at 8ms and a very low input lag is 10.6ms. For keyboard, you can't go wrong with a Sidewinder X4. :)
  2. See, I'm glad I asked! I didn't even know that Sidewinder even existed... Now I'm considering it. That monitor is pretty good for my price range, that may be what I end up with. I'm just going to keep the topic going for a while to see other peoples' opinions. Thanks for the quick answer btw!
  3. I browse the forums and answer any question I find interesting. :P
  4. I bought the UltraSharp. When I get all the stuff from Newegg in the mail I'll report how I like it just as another forum reference for fellow computer-nerds. :)
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